The Inaugural Message of 

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (a.t.b.a.) Khalifatul Masih V

for Jamia Ahmadiyya International Ghana

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib ( a.t.b.a.) The Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib ( a.t.b.a.) The Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya  Community

“I am very pleased that an International Jamia Ahmadiyya has been established in Ghana. Alhamdulillah! We should be thankful to Allah for this immense bounty which He has bestowed upon us.The fundamental purpose of establishing the Jamia has been explained by the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) in the following words:

“In this school (Talim-ul-Islam) such a reformation should take place that scholars and missionaries should graduate from it and take the place of those who have passed on. You should consider that this school should produce such persons who have deep and comprehensive understanding of the Holy Quran, exceptional missionaries and scholars who should  become a source of guidance for the world.”

 (Al-Hakam 10th February 1906 page 11)

As you are all aware, the needs of Jama’at Ahmadiyya continue to increase, and we continue to spread the message of Allah to the corners of the earth. This being the enormous task which has been assigned to us, if we calculate the number of missionaries that is required for the fulfillment of this great objective, the figure is so huge that if we consider the few Jamias we have at the moment, and we count all the student missionaries within them, it is evident that we do not have enough to fulfill our aim.

Nevertheless, the establishment of this Jamia, by the Grace of Allah, is an ongoing effort of the jama’at to open the Jamias in different countries. Allah has granted us the wonderful opportunity of opening an international Jamia in Ghana which will be open to students from all African countries to come and gain religious education. This knowledge is that divine light which Allah the Almighty bestowed on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In this age, the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) has illuminated us with this again and enlightened us with profound spiritual knowledge which we have to spread to every corner of the world.

Regarding the spread of Jamias, one of Hadhrat Musleh Maud’s (may Allah be pleased with him) daughters saw in a dream an aero plane flying in the sky and she saw that Hadhrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) was on the plane and she was sitting next to him. The plane continued to traverse through the air and below it appeared the building of Jamia Ahmadiyya. This building continued to follow the plane and continued to do so without end, meaning in effect that Jamias would one day spread all over the world.

Further, it also meant that missionaries who would graduate from Jamia would likewise spread into the world, remaining under the constant care and supervision of Khilafat-e- Ahmadiyya.

Those of you who are having the privilege of joining this Jamia are most fortunate. My advice to you is that you should increase your knowledge of the faith. You should focus all your attention to your studies in this regard, whatever knowledge is taught to you, you should try to comprehend it fully and try to understand it, the reason being not only to pass the examination, but the knowledge that you have acquired should be applied to your daily life and should be disseminated further.

The most precious knowledge is the knowledge of the Holy Quran. Therefore you should try to learn the correct translation, read the commentary and make it your practice to contemplate deeply on the meanings of the verses. Therefore, from the first day, your attention should be focused on the Holy Quran because without the Holy Quran, you cannot progress. Further, you should learn and gain excellence in Hadith.

The books of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) contain within the supreme commentaries of the Holy Quran and erudite explanations of Hadith. Therefore, you’re singular objective should be to study his books thoroughly and meticulously to attain the comprehension of the beauties contained in the Holy Quran. Apart from this, you should have no other objective in mind.

You should pay particular attention to your morals and endeavor to constantly improve your moral qualities. You should try to keep away from needless worldly affairs so that when you venture into the field, it is as if you have arrived fresh and pure, directly from Allah to go forth into the world to further His religion.

With regard to fulfilling the responsibilities which are placed upon you in the field, it is essential that first you establish a living relationship with Allah, your Creator. You should constantly recite the prayer:

“اِهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيْمَ”

“Guide us on the right path”

You should say this prayer often and prostrate before Allah. Missionaries are exemplars of the faith and your role is to carry out Tarbiyyat and reform others. Therefore until the time that Taqwa is not embedded deeply within your being, you will not be able to guide and transform the lives of others so that they may be drawn towards goodness. Therefore, in your every action, you must keep Taqwa in mind as it will be your exemplary demonstration of Taqwa which will positively influence others.

When you have dedicated yourself for the faith, it is essential that you educate yourself regarding this and the best way to learn is to adopt those pathways which Allah has taught us. The most important element is the establishment of Salat and saying prayers in congregation. You should pray regularly, offer Tahajjud and also Nawafill, and recite a portion of the Holy Quran daily.

Also remember that as a missionary, you should be self-reliant and train yourself to live within your means. You should seek Allah’s help and guidance at all times.

It is my prayer that may Allah bless this new Jamia and all its staff and students, and may this Jamia be a source of producing hundreds and thousands of pious and dynamic missionaries whose dedicated efforts and fervour enable the rapid spread of Islam and Ahmadiyyat to the far reaches of the earth. May Allah bless you all”.


Signed by

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib ( a.t.b.a.)

The Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community