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New Admissions for 2017-2018

From this year (2017) Students will be taken for foundation class ( Mumahida) only

(1) The last date for accepting the applications from the Ghanaian candidates for enrollment in foundation class ( Mumahida)  in Jamia Ahmadiyya International is 25th June 2017. The entry test and interview for the candidates from Ghana will be held on Sunday 23rd July 2017 at Jamia Ahmadiyya International, Mankessim.

(2) After the fulfillment of all the conditions, Clearing the written Entry test and Medical Tests, the last date for International candidates for sending the final names to Jamia Ahmadiyya International is 25th July 2017 so the final approval could be obtained from Huzur e Anwar ATBA.

The applicants who wish to come from other countries will also have to pass an entry test and Interview, They must contact to the Office of their National Ameer/ Missionary In charge  for submitting their filled application form  and must be present according to the proposed dates for their written entry test and interview in their own countries according to the schedule suggested by their National head quarters.

You may download the admission form and the required medical check up forms, from the link below.

The conditions for admission are mentioned below. Each  candidate must be endorsed by the National Ameer and Missionary In charge of the country in the light of these conditions.

Only these New forms will be accepted for the intake of 2017-2018

Ghanian Students Application Form

Form application foereigners


Medical Certificate for Admission in Jamia Ahmadiyya International


Conditions of admission for Jamia Ahmadiyya International for

Mumahhida (Pre first year)

Direct intake

For the admission of the students the following conditions would be applied:

1)      The candidate must not be more than 19 years at the time of the admission.

2)      The candidate must be a born Ahmadi, in case of Nau-Mubae (New convert), he must have pledged his Bai’at at least five years ago.

3)      The candidate must have the  clear recommendation of Missionary in charge and Ameer of the country for international students, and for Ghana they must have recommendation from regional Presidents and regional Missionary.

4)      The candidate must be unmarried.

5)      The candidate must be medically healthy. (According to the method proposed by Jamia Ahmadiyya international the candidate must have to undergo some medical tests in his country. The medical examination form is attached.  The candidate must also be physically fit and must not have any hereditary disease or Physical deficiency.

6)      The candidate must have submitted his particulars within due dates and have fulfilled the required conditions.

7)      The candidate must be able to read the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and he must have basic religious knowledge. He must also have the basic skill of speaking, reading and writing of Arabic and English language.

8)      Educationally the candidate must have a degree from government institutions. (Minimum qualification is Senior High School or equivalent qualification of other countries/ O level/ I.G.C.S.E. or equivalent qualification)

9)      The candidate must pass the written entry test and interview.

10)      The International candidates must have their Passports Valid for the duration of their course.

11)  The International Students would be provisionally enrolled for three months and will only be confirmed if their behaviour and academic performance will be considered satisfactory in Jamia Ahmadiyya. For this reason International students must be sent with their two way tickets valid for at least three months.

Proposed Medical Tests for candidates applying for Jamia Ahmadiyya International Ghana

All selected candidates should be examined by a qualified physician in the light of the from given below and the following tests must be normal.

(1)HB%, (2)Full Blood Count, (3)Hepatitis B, (4)LFT, (5)HIV, (6)Blood Sugar, (7)VDRL, (8)Urine DR, (9) any hereditary disease (10) Any Physical or mental deficiency

Medical Certificate that the candidate in Fit for the course.